Biryani, Pulao, Fried rice of any kind is our special meal and brings out the nostalgia in me. Our Sunday meals had biryani as the star, and mom made one of the best biryani ever.

Now, my boys  are big fans of biryani or pulao of any kind, always with chicken. This recipe Saffron Chicken Rice is inspired by Turkish pulao, and it’s something I make few times a month, especially during a weeknight.

My goal here  was to simplify one of my fave long process multi step meal, into a quick one pot quick meal, still using fresh ingredients. Few ingredients, and big bold flavors. I’ve used Maras Chile flakes, a good dose of not-so-humble saffron and wild black cumin seeds.

Mission accomplished with this dish.  Simple ingredients, chicken broth, spices from Spice Tribe and usual suspects like onion and garlic come together to create a truly heavenly chicken and rice.

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