These spicy and fragrant vegan birria tacos are going to change the way you eat tacos forever. A mixture of shredded oyster mushrooms and jackfruit is simmered in a sauce of dried chiles, spices, and roasted tomatoes, then served in warm corn tortillas.

Birria is a type of barbacoa, this particular recipe is one the star dishes of the state of Jalisco. The northern states like Chihuahua have a slightly different version. Traditionally it is made by marinating the protein in the sauce then wrapping it in maguey leaves and cooking it in an underground pit until tender. It is a celebration dish made for weddings, quinceaƱeras, baptisms, and family Sunday meals.

To make this recipe I used single source spices from @spicetribe Their spices are sourced from small farms and collective around the world that use sustainable, organic, and non-goo farming practices. Their product is incredibly high quality. (I have never smelled or taste such amazing cumin seeds!!)

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