This is the beverage my mom would make for our family on cold winter nights!  It gives you all the cozy feels and takes a few minutes to make. Sahlab is a Middle Eastern milk pudding drink that is often adorned with cinnamon, nuts and other fixings of your choice.  It is creamy, lightly sweetened, and fills you with warmth.

Whenever I make this drink, I can’t help but think of my family and this time of the year.  It is honestly the only time we enjoyed it since it is perfect for cooler months.  What is awesome about Sahlab is that it can easily be made vegan too.  I have made it many times with almond milk rather than whole milk and it works just fine!  It is also super flexible as you can add more or less sugar depending on the sweetness level you prefer.  The toppings are completely up to you as well, but the most traditional and almost always included is cinnamon and nuts.  I cannot imagine Sahlab without!

I used Spice Tribe’s Cinnamon for this recipe in both the drink and as a topping.  The aroma and color of their cinnamon is unlike any other.  Their cinnamon blend originates from Indonesia and just offers a phenomenal flavor like many of their other spice that I have enjoyed.  Feel free to use my checkout code Fufuskitchen10 at checkout if you are interested in trying them out!  They have so many different spices to offer that have no additives, fillers or preservatives.

I hope you enjoy this drink as much as I do this time of the year!  As always, let me know what you think!

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