Chicken shawarma is the ultimate street food in the Levantine world; Syria, Turkey, Lebanon etc.  Marinated chicken is stacked on a spit fire and rotated to evenly cook all parts of the chicken.  The chicken (or beef) are then sliced and put in fresh pita and depending on what part of town you’re ordering your shawarma from, the toppings vary.  In Damascus, a chicken shawarma sandwich is simply fresh bread, chicken, lots of garlic sauce, and pickles.  Of course, the ingredients used to marinate the chicken in have to be top quality because the flavor is really going to shine through.

You can find a ready made shawarma spice mix at your local middle eastern supermarket however for me personally, I have all the spices on hand and its easy to put them all together in no time.  Keep in mind the quality of the spices are very important which is another reason I prefer doing it myself versus the store bought spice mix.  Not all spices are created equally.  If you saw on Instagram I put together a little video of several sumac spices that I have and the difference between Spice Tribe’s Wild Cured Sumac compared to the other brands. Spice Tribe’s Wild Cured Sumac gives off an incredible aroma as soon as you open the jar.  The freshness literally jumps out at you.  I guarantee that you’ve never smelled anything like it.

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