In Morocco we have a salad made with grated carrots, freshly squeezed orange juice, and lots of cinnamon. My grandma would serve it in small plates alongside many other traditional salads to accompany the main dish (usually a tagine or some sort). This salad has such a distinct flavor and fruity aroma, it has always been a favorite of mine.

It would be totally dishonest to pretend that cupcakes are a traditional Moroccan food because they’re not. That said, something about the flavors and ingredients in this salad are just screaming to be folded into a baked good and topped with frosting, right?!

We’re taking those freshly grated carrots and Spice Tribe’s single origin spices to make a luscious and fluffy carrot cupcake. Then, we’re topping it with orange buttercream frosting made with freshly squeezed orange juice, because citrus season is upon us people!

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