Frequently Asked Questions

Single origin spices can trace their origins back to a region (or terroir if we were being fancy), often a specific farm, and are sourced from that one location.

Spice blends are a mix of different  ethically sourced spices. Our Chef’s have experimented with many different combinations and ratios, and found the ones in the spice blends to be ideal. You get to benefit from 1000’s of hours of experimentation by our Chef’s.

Collabs are collaborations with other chef’s to bring their stories to life through our spices and their recipes.

Our first priority is to source organically grown ingredients. However, sometimes the farms are small-batch and do not have the resources to be certified organic. All our spices are non-GMO.

Yes they are. Unless it is a salt or a spice blend, then we make it clear that it includes salt.

Most of our blends are sugar free. You can see if the blend has sugar under ingredients on the product page.
Please email to ask about allergens.
Whole spices can last a few years without losing flavor if stored properly. Ground spices start losing flavor after 3-6 months. However there is no expiration. For best results, store your spices in a cool place out of direct light.
Clumping is natural since we do not use any preservatives (anti-caking agents) or salts to absorb moisture. If they clump, break them apart before adding to the recipe.

Yes you can. Select the drop down on a product page to select a larger quantity, or for bulk purchases please direct inquiries to

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Yes you can. We retail at several artisan retailers: Lukes Local, Bernal Cutlery, The Epicurean Trader, The Poet and The Bench, Nopa Corner Market in The San Francisco Bay Area, CA and Bloomingdales on the Internet.

Chef Trent and Chef Patricio love all their recipes. However, a good guide for what is cooking in our kitchen, visit Recipes on our website and browse the recipes at the top.

On a recipe page, find the printer icon with ‘print’ and click on it to get a printer optimized version that you can print.

Chef Trent and Chef Patricio test every recipe and our spices to ensure you only get the best. They have a lot of experience and are inspired by their travel, new spices in their pantry and often suggestions from Tribers.

You are all set for a mindfully delicious adventure. Visit Recipes on our website and select the ‘Product’ filter to find the curated recipes that will shine with your single origin spice or blend.

Yes we do. Please visit our YouTube Channel or connect with us on our social media.

Shipping is typically $6.99 for orders under $45. To qualify for free shipping, order above $45.

Processing can take 1-3 business days. After a product has shipped, it typically takes 2-6 days.

We want to. For the moment we only ship within the United States and use USPS or Fedex.

You can change your shipping or billing address by logging in to your account. However, once an order is placed, we are unable to change your shipping or billing address.

Yes you can. During the checkout process, please check the box that says ‘Gift Order’ and type your note. We will send a gift receipt and remove any pricing information.

Pre-order is a special situation where we are waiting for inventory to be restocked and do not have an exact date on when your order will be shipped.

We are so sorry you are experiencing an issue with your order. Please email and we will make it right.

We accept returns for 30 days after the order. Please read our Returns Policy for more information. If you need to connect with us, please email

Yes we do. Please direct all wholesale inquiries to

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We work as close to the source as possible, this often means directly importing from the farmer or cooperatives who source directly from farms. Each year we purchase the annual harvest for each spice we carry to ensure maximum freshness. We curate every spice journey, our chefs test the flavors, sometimes creating blends, and if it meets our high standards, we release it to our Tribers.

Always. Mindfulness is at the core of everything that we do, and ensuring better than fair trade wages to our farmers is primary to being mindful of our farmers well-being.

We listened to you and found a partner who will supply us with 100% compostable high-quality packaging for our bulk pouches. Even though it costs us a premium, this is an investment in our Tribers and our planet.

We test our products before they are shipped by a farmer, and test it again after it reaches our warehouse. This ensures that we offer our Tribers the highest quality products that meet the high standards of our chefs.

Please email to request a testing report for a specific product.

Spice Tribe is the brainchild of Chef Trent Blodgett, ably supported by Chef Patricio Duffoo and a team of Tribers.

Chef Trent found purpose in cooking delicious food mindfully and bringing people together to enjoy something bigger than us. He launched Spice Tribe to share his love of travel, cultures, flavors, meditation and his experience as a Chef. Read his story here.

At Spice Tribe, mindfulness is the center of everything that we do. From curating the freshest spices by sourcing it sustainably from small-batch farmers to developing delicious recipes that celebrate the flavors across many cultures, Spice Tribe takes you on a meditative journey.

Tribe for Change is our commitment to help those in the community who need it the most. One of our initiatives is to provide 1000+ meals every month. Every purchase you make on Spice Tribe helps give back to the community.

We work with The City Eats, Eat Freaks and other great chefs: Chef Dom Maietta, Chef Patricio Dufoo and Chef Richard Visconte, to provide 1000+ meals every month to those who need it the most. Visit Tribe For Change to learn more about it.

Every purchase you make on Spice Tribe helps give back to the community. If you would like to donate to City Eats, visit Tribe For Change and click on ‘Donate Here’.

We plan to start our pop-up late summer. Connect with us on social media and visit our events page for the latest updates.

Yes you can. Please direct all private event related inquiries to

The best way to stay updated is to connect with us on social media and visit our events page for the latest schedule.