Aegean Fennel Seeds


Licorice, Burnt Honey, Mint

The Mediterranean region is known for harvesting the finest fennel seeds that pack more of the sweet herbaceous aroma. We source our Aegean fennel seeds from a small farm in Denizli, near the beautiful coast of Turkey. This versatile spice makes soothing anti-inflammation tea or adds a nutty licorice layer to your veggies or pastries.

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What's Inside


Whole fennel seeds

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Glass Jar Net Weight: 1.4oz


No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers,  No Salt

Tips for Success

Release Flavor
  • Fennel seeds contain oils that are best dissolved in oil.
  • Crush and toast for roasted nutty flavors or grind raw for a more licorice foreword flavor.


Harvest Location
Denizli, Turkey

Fennel, a folkloric panacea for all that ails—from asthma to indigestion—is cultivated in the Aegean city of Denizli in southwestern Turkey. During the height-of-summer harvest, fully grown, anise-scented plants are dug from the root, which is sold fresh, while the frilly tops are mechanically separated from the fruits, aka “seeds.” In Aegean regional cooking, the oval-shaped seed—a cumin doppelganger—imparts a delicate licorice flavor into the sautéed greens that fill a popular local pastry called börek.

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How do you use fennel seeds?

Toast and grind or use whole in your cooking or in a medicinal tea to give a subtle anise, licorice flavor. Used in many cuisines around the world from the Mediterranean, India, and China.

What are the health benefits of fennel seeds?

Fennel seed tea has been used to treat digestive issues for millennia. 

What are Aegean fennel seeds?

These fennel seeds are grown by the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Turkey is known for growing amazing quality sweet fennel for thousands of years.