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Every Day Box

3 Single Origin Spices


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This is the Every Day Box because these are 3 spices we cannot live without. Not your average salt, pepper, and chile flakes.

  • This salt, pepper, and chile flakes can be used in every meal to enhance the flavors.
  • Try not to pour spices out of the jar over a steaming pot or pan as the steam can get in the jar and cause further clumping.
  • Grind whole spices just before cooking for maximum flavor.
  • Let’s get cooking!

Our California Coast Sea Salt Flakes are prized by chefs for their crisp flavor and delicate texture. Locally hand-harvested from the Pacific Ocean and slow-cooked over the fire the old fashion way.

Late Harvest Black Peppercorns have a lengthened vine ripening process that produces berries that are beautifully burgundy in color, robust heat and floral notes.  This fruit launches the familiar flavors of black pepper to new depths.

We added Maras Chile Flakes to our Every Day Box as we know this beautifully mild Aleppo chile will become a fantastic daily addition to provide just a hint of heat with a sweet and smoky finish.



We purchase what we need every year right after the spices are harvested. These spices are as fresh as you can get. They are not sitting in a warehouse for multiple years. The oldest spices we carry will be one year old compared to the commodity market which warehouses spices for 10+ years before selling them to you.

If we could pick any three spices that we use every day it would be our salt, pepper and chile flakes hands down. Be prepared to never look at salt, pepper and chile flakes the same again. These are not your ordinary spices.

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Whole spices can last a few years without losing flavor if stored properly.
Ground spices start losing flavor after 3-6 months. However there is no expiration.
For best results, store your spices in a cool place out of direct light.