Guajillo Chiles

Guajillo Chiles

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Our Guajillo Chiles are organic, California-grown, and the perfect, everyday chile for making chile paste. Use in salsa, braises, marinades and virtually any Mexican recipe for that authentic, delicious, smoky flavor we all love.

Ingredients: Whole organic Guajillo chiles

Net Weight: 3oz

Release Flavor:

  • Whole chiles are best pureed into a paste but they can also be ground or crushed and made into chile flakes. Remove stems and seeds if desired.
  • Lightly toast them for a smokey flavor and then soak them in warm water until soft. Remove them from the water and blend, adding a little soaking water as needed to get the desired consistency.
  • Let’s get cooking!

Harvest Location: Santa Cruz, California

Grown by two UC Berkeley agriculture grads on a biodynamic acreage called Fire Tongue Farms, located just far enough inland from Santa Cruz to dry peppers in the sun, these guajillo chiles—the dried Mirasol variety—have a leathery, reddish-brown skin and register near the bottom (that is, mild to moderate) on the famous Scoville heat scale. Dried but not smoked, these chiles—a classic ingredient in Mexican cuisine and often found in mole—impart a subtle smokiness nonetheless, an earthy compliment their fruity, berry-like flavor.



Guajillos are a very common chile in Mexican cooking.

No, guajillos are one of the more mild chiles you can find and perfect for adding that sweet Smokey chile flavor to an array of dishes.

Whole guajillos are best when lightly toasted to increase the smokey flavor and then soaked until soft. They are then blended into a purée that can be used as a marinade or a salsa.