Wild Black Cumin Seeds

Wild Black Cumin Seeds

Wild onion, Citrus, Nutty


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Our Wild Black Cumin Seeds are wild foraged in the mountains of Afghanistan giving them an extra warmth and pungency. Consider them cumin’s slightly more robust relative that you can use regularly or toast in oil to bring out its nutty, earthy and meaty flavors that its known for.

Ingredients: Black cumin seeds

Glass Jar Net Weight: 1.5 oz

No Additives, GMOs, Or Fillers,  No Salt

Release Flavor: Cumin is the perfect spice for toasting as it brings out nutty, earthy and meaty flavors that people associate with cumin. You can also gently fry this spice in oil until it crackles and serve whole for some texture. The oils within cumin seeds disperses best in oil.

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Harvest Location: Badakhshan, Afghanistan

In the steep and jagged Hindu Kush Mountants of Afghanistan, a rare and ancient varietal of cumin—a botanical cousin to the common variety—grows wildly, and according to Milkstreet, black cumin derives its extra warmth and pungency from its “native terroir.” Local villagers handpick these highly climate-resilient seeds, rarely seen outside of local communities until recently, by hand and dry them under the blistering Afghan sun to concentrate flavors even more. We work with Roots of Peace, an organization that helps the communities of war-torn areas prosper through agricultural export.



Cumin may promote digestion, improve blood cholesterol, may promote weight loss, may fight inflammation and more! (

Cumin is common in Indian, Middle Eastern and Latin American cuisine. Use this spice moderately as the flavor can overtake the recipe.

Cumin adds an earthy and warm flavor with notes of citrus, herbs. Get the most out of this spice by toasting in a pan until fragrant.