Aji Panca Pods


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These organic Peruvian chiles are grown by a farm collective in Chincha, Peru that focus on cultivation of indigenous crops to restore the land and strengthen community. The Aji Panca pepper is a deep red or burgundy-brown color when dried, smoky, fruity (think berry-like sweetness!) and comfortably mild which makes it very friendly. Aji Panca is native to the coastal regions of Peru and have been cultivated since ancient times, mostly found dried and are rarely fresh in markets. Aji Panca is used to spice up soups, casseroles, stews, dry rubs when grilling or blended with oil and a touch of vinegar to a paste. It pairs well with poultry, pork, beef, fish, potatoes, beans, corn, tomatoes, rice, avocado and chocolate. Aji Panca is best represented in one of the most traditional Peruvian dishes, Anticuchos (beef heart skewers), but also used in Tacu-Tacu, seco de carne and different stews.

Packaging: 100% compostable bags. Everything is compostable from the ink to the seal. Bio based materials made from cellulose break down after 18 months in compost. We recommend using the spices as soon as possible, but if you are keeping your spices longer term we recommend putting them in your own glass jars to ensure maximum freshness as the packaging will degrade over time.

Source: Chincha Peru

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Our single-origin spices are sourced directly from small farms around the world to highlight the unique terroir of each spice while improving the livelihood of the farmers that grow them.

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