Allspice Berries


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Allspice, also known Pimento,  is the dried berry of the Pimenta dioica tree native to Jamaica, southern Mexico and Central America.  Christopher Columbus discovered this spice in Jamaica and thought it was pepper, hence its name, Pimenta.  Allspice is used throughout the world in both sweet and savory dishes, it’s the star of the show in Jamaican Jerk seasoning and gives Swedish Meatballs their kick.  Most westerners stash their allspice on the shelf alongside nutmeg and cloves for use in fall and winter baked goods, but we believe there is absolutely no reason to wait until the leaves are turning to break it out.  Add Spice Tribe Allspice to your favorite mole, curry or lamb stew recipe; it will even give your homemade chai that perfect smoky-sweet, nutty punch.  Believed to aid with digestion, the crushed berry has been used as an antibacterial when applied directly to the gums.  This versatile fruit is sourced from humid cloud forests of Guatamala where the berries are hand harvested each Fall and sun dried and ground in small batches.

Source:  Alta Verapaz, Guatamala

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