Oasis Coriander Seeds


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100% organically grown, Spice Tribe’s Coriandrum sativum is cultivated and harvested in Northern Egypt near the Faiyum Oasis in the western desert of the Nile Valley.  It has been used in this area since ancient times.

Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant – the green leafy parts are also known as “coriander” in many parts of the world – and imparts a slight citrus aroma which benefits from being toasted in a dry pan to bring out a nutty depth and crunchy texture.  This seed lends a beautiful finishing touch to fruits, vegetables and meats.    Grind into curries, or use whole in chutneys and pickles.  At Spice Tribe we like to make our own Dukkah (a seed and nut mix) by grinding Oasis Coriander Seed with Wild Black Cumin Seeds, Late Harvest Black Peppercorns and your choice of nuts.  Check out Spice Tribe’s Delicata Squash with Burrata recipe where we toast coriander with pistachios to create a wonderful texture that contrasts with the fresh cheese.

Source: Faiyum, Egypt

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Our single-origin spices are sourced directly from small farms around the world to highlight the unique terroir of each spice while improving the livelihood of the farmers that grow them.

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