Custom Spice Box

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Ancient Halaby - Smoked Paprika, Aleppo Chile, Sumac

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California Love - Roasted Chile, Garlic, Cumin

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Kissed By Binchotan - Spicy Togarashi Chile, Sesame, Seaweed, Tangerine

436 in stock

Long-tail Sunset - Spicy Thai Chile, Tamarind, Coconut

428 in stock

Marrakesh Sitar - Ginger, Cinnamon, Rose

442 in stock

Mombacho Café - Roasted garlic, Citrus zest, with a touch of Espresso

438 in stock

Mama Manje- Roasted Peppers, Onion, Thyme And Warm Spices

445 in stock

Masa Mole- Toasted Mexican Chiles, Cinnamon, Allspice, Oregano

448 in stock

Porcini Paradiso- Porcini, Rosemary, Garlic

447 in stock

Coriander Seeds

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Late Harvest Black Peppercorns

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Peruvian Pink Salt

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Pimentón De La Vera - Smoked Spanish Paprika

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Cured Sumac

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Wild Cumin Seeds

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Choose any three of our spice blends or single origin spices.

Every spice box purchased we donate a meal to the San Francisco- Marin Foodbank.

The consistent practice of cooking real food plays a vital role in the well being of ourselves, our communities and the Earth. At Spice Tribe, we strive to give you the highest quality sustainable Ingredients, flavors that celebrate vibrant cultures, and the recipes to live your best life.

Long-tail Sunset - Spicy Thai Chile, Tamarind, Coconut


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