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Maras Chile Flakes

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Sacred Valley Pink Peruvian Salt

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Late Harvest Black Peppercorns

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The Every Day Box includes  Sacred Valley Pink Peruvian Salt, Late Harvest Black Peppercorns, and Maras Chile Flakes.

Our Sacred Valley Pink Peruvian Salt is harvested high in the Andes mountains of Peru by families that have been managing these ancient salt ponds for centuries.  High in essential minerals and light in flavor, this salt is sure to become your favorite for finishing your steaks, avocados, salads and more.

Late Harvest Black Peppercorns have a lengthened vine ripening process that produces berries that are beautifully burgundy in color, robust heat and floral notes.  This fruit launches the familiar flavors of black pepper to new depths.

We added Maras Chile Flakes to our Every Day Box as we know this beautifully mild Aleppo chile will become a fantastic daily addition to provide just a hint of heat with a sweet and smoky finish.

The consistent practice of cooking real food plays a vital role in the well being of ourselves, our communities and the Earth. At Spice Tribe, we strive to give you the highest quality sustainable Ingredients, flavors that celebrate vibrant cultures, and the recipes to live your best life.


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