Maras Chile Flakes


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 The Maras chile, also known as the Aleppo pepper or Halaby Pepper, is hands down one of our favorites due to its versatile mild heat, and warm, fruity and tomato like flavor.  Normally grown in and around the north Syrian city of Aleppo, export from this area is currently not available due to the ongoing Syrian civil war.  We are lucky to source this exact same varietal right across the border in Turkey, where it is sun dried and preserved with a little salt and sunflower oil to keep it supple and fresh.  Sprinkle on steamed mussels and clams, over a platter of melon, or dust over your favorite egg dish each morning.

Source: Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Net Weight: 1.6 oz

Our single-origin spices are sourced directly from small farms around the world to highlight the unique terroir of each spice while improving the livelihood of the farmers that grow them.

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