Sacred Valley Pink Peruvian Salt


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We are excited to offer you this sustainable Peruvian treasure. Produced high in the Andes Mountains in the sacred valley of the Incas, this salt originates from an ancient ocean deep in the mountain that percolates to the surface via fresh water springs.  This salt infused spring water is routed into terraced ponds that have been owned and managed by local families for nearly 3000 years.  The ponds are then left to evaporate, leaving behind wonderful shades of pink salt gems that are rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium.   Coarsely ground, Peruvian Pink Salt has a mild flavor and is best used as a finishing salt.  It is perfect for enhancing an avocado, sprinkling on fresh heirloom tomatoes, or garnishing a juicy steak right before it hits the table.

Origin: Maras, Peru

Net Weight: 3.5 oz

Our single-origin spices are sourced directly from small farms around the world to highlight the unique terroir of each spice while improving the livelihood of the farmers that grow them.



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