Pumpkin Seed Bars with Chocolate Swirl Topping

Pumpkin Seed Bars with Chocolate Swirl Topping Spice Tribe
Pumpkin Seed Bars with Chocolate Swirl Topping Spice Tribe
Pumpkin Seed Bars with Chocolate Swirl Topping Spice Tribe

Pumpkin Seed Bars with Chocolate Swirl Topping

Nkechi Ajaeroh  @nkechiajaeroh


 What comes to your mind when you hear pumpkin bars? Hold that thought, let me show you this pumpkin bar! Today I am sharing an unforgettable pumpkin bars recipe with you, and it is nothing you are used to. This pumpkin seed bar recipe is a no-bake (well, there is a bit optional toasting initially) and made with seeds, nuts, and dates! Think about perfect gluten-free pumpkin bars that you and your family will absolutely adore; the best part is that this bar has chocolate swirl topping, aka covered in chocolate! Can I get an AMEN?


You can choose to opt-out of the chocolate part but let me tell you, everything is perfect with chocolate! And for this very pumpkin bar, we will be using pumpkin seeds instead of pumpkin puree. In addition to pumpkin seeds, we would need sunflower seeds and coconut flakes. Also, these pumpkin bars require no added sugar; I used dates instead. I opted for Sacred Valley Pink Peruvian salt from Spice Tribe to bring all of these flavors together. This salt is authentic and always my first choice on most of my sweet/savory finishing. I also used it when I made my coconut cream parsley pesto for bacon-wrapped baby potatoes, and it was glorious!



  • Soak the dates in hot water to soften; if possible, soak overnight. Pit, and set aside.
  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • Place parchment on a baking sheet; lay the pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and coconut flakes on it. Toast for 7 – 9 minutes until lightly toasted. Remove and allow cooling.
  • Place the dates in the food processor, blend until almost smooth, then add the toasted seeds, nut, and salt. Process until barely smooth; textures are great for this recipe.
  • Press the mixture onto the bottom of a 9×9 parchment-lined baking pan using a spatula or your hands (while wearing gloves).
  • Melt the chocolate separately. If using the microwave, melt at 10 seconds intervals and not more than 30 seconds.
  • Drop spoonfuls of melted semi-sweet chocolate over the bars, repeat for melted white chocolate; use a skewer or knife to cut through the melted chocolate, making a swirl. Allow to set; 5 minutes in the freezer or up to 15 minutes in the refrigerator. Cut into bars; this made nine bars. Sprinkle some Sacred Valley Pink Peruvian salt, and enjoy!

Things to remember

  • Always add salt according to your taste or health need.
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