It’s finally cooling down enough to enjoy a proper bowl of coziness and that’s definitely
the move here for this lamb chili recipe. I love using Spice Tribe’s spice blends,
especially for soups and stews. They’re a great way to build and layer in flavor without
too much work, especially when you toast the spices with oil and some aromatics to
build up lots of depth in a dish. You can definitely use ground beef or turkey for this chili,
but I like using lamb for its distinct, somewhat gamey taste; it works well and holds up
to the strong flavors from the chiles, spices, and aromatics.
I know there’s often a debate about putting beans in chili but I enjoy them and it’s a
great way to stretch out the meal for a larger crowd! If you don’t want beans, simply omit
them. I’ve made this recipe three times since testing it and the leftovers are always even
better the next day, especially when paired with all of the fixings! Let’s get cooking!

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